Hyrule is located on the Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. The capital being Triforcity in the Southwest region under the coordinates 28*S;116*E


The physical geography of Hyrule, is a predominantly dry and arid desert land with a sizable amount of land that is usable to farm on, meaning it sort of resembles the Mediterranean climate closer to the coastal regions.

This country is one of the most biologically diverse in the world, inhabiting millions of different plant life. One of the most popular flora established here is the Acacia, which mainly lives in the drier inland zones. The Eucalyptus predominantly resides in the wetter regions of Hyrule. Many more popular plants include the Melaleuca, the Gravillea, and the Allocasuarina. Many of these adapted to the arid grassland conditions that control Hyrule, but they thrive.

The climates of this marvelous country vary in different locations. Due to its residence in the Southern Hemisphere, Hyrule has opposite seasons to the Northern Hemisphere. In the region of the north, they experience a ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ season because it’s the tropical portion of the country. Wet season occurs between November and April, while dry season occurs between May and October. The northern area also encompasses Desert and Tropical regions, making it the hottest zone. The south contains the cooler regions. Hyrule has a large Desert, called the Outback, it also has a dry grassland, tropical north and a wetland along certain coastal regions.