Hyrule is an Absolute Monarchy with a Queen who makes all political, economic and social decisions for her country. While she may have a cabinet to aid these decisions, she has complete power. To acquire the thrown, one must be born into the royal family. The first born female of the parents shall be destined to rule. Once a queen dies, the next successor may take the thrown. If a queen wishes to make a rash decision, such as war, she will be advised by her cabinet.


There will be individual governments per province to aid in smaller decisions such as taxes on certain items. Otherwise, the Queen provides free healthcare benefits to the elderly or the disabled, and has created tax based plan off of the varying wealths of her citizens.

The citizens will have the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and many more individual freedoms. Their list of rights resembles those of the U.S constitution, yet they can be changed by the ruler.



The countries on the Hyrule watch list will be evaluated in detail if one of their citizens steps foot in this country. There will be a police station in each city enforcing the rules of the Queen, but through humane tactics. There will be although for those who commit immoral acts, a dire consequence such as death by needle. Other more miscellaneous crimes will be punished accordingly by a judge and a fair trial.