An agricultural economy.

A major industry of Hyrule includes the Fish market because of its geographical location in the middle of the fish loaded ocean. Even with its location, Hyrule still needs to import goods such as lumber and Steel to create strong building foundations.

Hyrule is indeed an agricultural society, abundant in cows and longhorns because of their adaptability to desert climate. With their large amount of livestock, they are able to consume vast amounts of good quality meat and milk.

Due to the high tech habits of this nation, animals are not used in farming techniques but more for ranching. Tractors are used to cultivate the terrain.

In this first world country, their primary industry is Fish and Tourism for its natural beauty. This is one of the most modernized countries, yet it maintains a large amount of culture and tradition. Therefor making it a decently high tech nation, but not a leader in technology. They have computers, cell phones, and anything a westernized country would, including machines that aid in healthcare. Many of the shops or businesses here are local and convenient, with the occasional big business such as Starbucks ,McDonalds and the ever so popularly used fish company in the world, Fish Port .co. This country does rely on other countries such as China, Meteora, and Amis among other countries for resources they lack and for goods that cannot be produced within the country. Like any other country, Hyrule transports its goods by steam trains, trucks and by aviation. These allow rapid distribution to all of the citizens.



We have a population of approximately 10 million people. Our population growth started slowing down in recent years.

Hyrule Population Pyramid